Submitted by Benoit Maubrey

Client: Hard Rock Hotel

Location: Palm Springs, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team


Benoit Maubrey

Industry Resource

Gerrit deVries

Industry Resource

jago whitehead


500 recycled loudspeakers that are soldered together as an “active” public sound sculpture. The electromagnetic signals from recycled radios produce a low-level “white noise” into which local spectators can add their own tunes and pre-recorded messages. The sculpture is also conceived as a full-blown interactive sound sculpture where participants can play guitar and add their voices via bluetooth technology.
Sound is regulable via mixing board.
Size: 6 meters X 6 meters X 6 meters


cooperation with Mr Important Design and the owner of hotel


All my work results from a collaboration for designer, client and local situation.

Additional Information

commissioned by Hard Rock Hotel/Palm Springs, CA, . 10' X 10' X 10’, 700 connected loudspeakers, amplifiers, radios, Bluetooth receivers. Sound: low-level white noise. People can also call up the sculpture and talk through it for 3 minutes or simply plug in a microphone or electric guitar.