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The Chase, located at the Shands Orthopedic Pediatric Center

Submitted by Leslie Tharp Designs LLC

Client: Shands Hospital

Location: Gainesville, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Leslie Tharp

Leslie Tharp Designs LLC

Shands Hospital


The Chase, which stands 10′ tall and 13′ wide on top of a 3′ concrete base, is an exploration of movement and sea life. Stationed in front of the new Shands Orthopedic Pediatric Center in Gainesville, FL, it is a sampling of the underwater world that greets young visitors as they attend the hospital for care. The entire center comes to life inside, with special wall paper, built in wall installations, scenes embedded into the flooring and more – all intended to alleviate the stress and a concern that comes with children in need of hospital visits.
The sculpture is an extension of this theme, but holds a special place in the facilities’ operation, as a way finding sign. In the hectic process of attending a visit, it can be difficult to locate the correct entrance door to the new wing. The Chase serves the purpose of directing visitors to the Pediatric Wing, while being extremely bright and eye catching in it’s bold blue composition and lively motion.
This piece was designed with the subject of dolphins required, and the artist’s interest in movement and seascape ecosystems brought the subject to come to life.


Wayfinding and beauty