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The Axis House

Submitted by Hiren Patel Architects

Client: Mr. Darshak Shah

Location: Bhavnagar, India

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Hiren Patel

Hiren Patel Architects


Krishnakant Parmar

Hiren Patel Architects


Whole house is carved out on and around two parallel axis, which are sheer walls in, exposed concrete. These two lines define the house in their very own way, thus the name The Axis House. The design team's response to the site was a challenge resolved by introducing an element of suspense into the design.
Area: Ground Floor: 4956 sq. ft./460.42 sq mt.
First Floor: 3495 sq. ft/324.60 sq mt.
Site Area: 13,220 sq ft/1228.17 sq mt.


An attempt to showcase the reciprocal relationship between the Art & Architecture brilliantly delivers the beautiful amalgamation in the house. Usage of imported stone sculptures & paintings by prominent artists perfectly keeps the atmosphere of the house vibrant & alive. A Zen-styled pathway defined by a dense boulevard leads to a stylistic entrance articulated by a wide pivoted door that establishes the symbolical interference between the exteriors and interiors. A staircase that veils an introverted-extroverted garden space set in a trickling water backdrop accentuates this psychological effect.


The entrance is formed by the intersection of two linear perpendicular spanning series of spaces, which attain a differential spatial quality at each juncture, thereby forming the planning axes of the residence. Double-heighted living and dining spaces converse with the enclosing natural fabric through simple light and shade elements that make a statement. The cozy reading-room is a contrast in scale, lending comfortable views to the shallow courtyard.
Private bedrooms for the residents are situated on the upper-story, accounting to the open-plan. Lavish bed and bathrooms breathe luxury into the lives of the inhabitants. Pathway definitions at each stage are established by shady deep verandahs that create translucent layers within the building.
An attempt to showcase the symbiotic relationship between the concrete and wooden finishes successfully blends the exterior mass with the interior spaces.

Additional Information

The space flaunts its expansiveness and grandeur owing to the careful choice of materials such as coarse stonewalls and white marble flooring finishes. An essence of minimalism echoes throughout the spaces. Much effort has been taken into customization of interior spatial and decorative elements, ensuring a holistic approach to create apiece effective in the combination of architectural, interior and landscapist features. The firm's interest in the balance of abundant soft-scape as a compliment instead of a contrast with the built-scapes has enabled us to create such a client and environment friendly piece of architecture.