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The Angel Project

Submitted by Joe LaMantia

Client: Auto Heaven

Location: Bloomington, IN, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Joe LaMantia


Chuck Forney

Auto Heaven


Hoosier Hills Career Enter, Hoffman Design Works, Members of the comunity


Members of the Community


The Angel is made of recycled materials entirely (street signs and posts, license plates) . It is 10'-10″(H) x 10'-7″(w) x 3'-0″ (D) and mounted to the backside of a storage building. The building is part of Auto Heaven, an auto parts yard and building that is filled with hundreds of used cars. The location of the art work is on what is referred to as the B-Line, a rails to trails that many people walk and bicycle.


The artwork itself reflects the name of the business that help support this project. My intention was to take a well used image and presented it in a new way. I chose to create an angel that represent both female and male. If you walk in one directions (north) along the trail you see a male image and if you walk in the opposite direction (south) you see a female. Then if you stop and look directly at where the face should be you see a line instead of a face, the fusion of both male and female.


Their are many collaborators in this project. WFHB, our community radio station, let me create this piece in front of it's station and next door the owner of the buildings, Jon Waldron Arts Center operated by Ivy Tech Community College. Hoosier Hills Career Center cut all the letters out for the book. Hoffman Design Works cut out the roller blade and roller skate. A number of artists help in creating the drawings for the faces, inlaying the eyes. Many people in the greater community donated license plates as well as many people walking by when on the street helped by putting on the street signs that served as the bodies, cutting license plates putting them on the wings as well as the final installation.

Additional Information

The message of the Angel is the book it is holding! Saying the words (in a number of selective languages) love, peace, gratitude, forgiveness and kindness. The Heart of the Angel, comes through the center of the book, symbolically casting light at night as as people travel by.