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The Agora Projects

Submitted by Scott Rodwin

Client: n/a

Location: n/a, n/a

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Scott Rodwin

The Agora Projects


Marina Nash

The Agora Projects


The Agora Projects, LLC builds solar-powered, WIFI-enabled pavilions that provide off-grid solutions for communities to connect, educate, empower & restore. Agoras are 40 ft wide, 20 ft tall and serve as a multi-purpose community gathering space. It supplies free WiFi, internet connected tablets, and electricity for charging of personal devices, portable batteries, LED safety lighting and water purification systems. The Agora creates a beautiful natural environment for people to reconnect and restore themselves.


The entire structure is one giant piece of artwork. Noted sculptors Marina Nash and Scott Rodwin collaborated to create the Agora and then expanded its mission to provide for essential community needs. Art, aspirational architecture, cutting-edge technology and extreme functionality were woven together to create something that is both beautiful and necessary.


The collaboration was seamless. Marina Nash, noted artist, and Scott Rodwin, award-winning Architect and artist wove together the design concept, with the latest in building science & technology to create a unified design. The art and architecture are completely integrated. We created 3D computer and physical models, hand sketches, and landscape designs over the course of 4 months.

Additional Information

It’s beneficial use in developing counties is designed for the maximum long-term impact: it provides access to education, information, power and clean water, all withing the container of a beautiful and natural community pavilion. In the developed world, it has a number of potential uses, including multi-purpose classroom, visitor center, and landscape amenity for all types of campuses.