Kalahari Resort Lobby Floor - CODAworx

Kalahari Resort Lobby Floor

Client: Kalahari Resorts

Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Ron Blair

Creative Edge Master Shop

Industry Resource

Alan Grazzini

Grazzini Brothers and Company


Project was a themed lobby for a family waterpark. Artwork would become a permanent part of the building as it built into the pour in place epoxy terrazzo floor.


This project was part of an overall theming of the building. Building style, lobby shops: artwork, furniture and fixture all reflected the whimsical African Safari idea. The floor was the most consistent and dominant feature of the lobby design.


Because it is the entry area and lobby floor, first impressions are paramount. Eye-catching beauty and celebration were essential to the design. Equally important was durability and the ability to clean the floor easily. Epoxy terrazzo was the material of choice because of the bright colors, "classic" textures and complex patterns. The three story atrium afforded the opportunity to add to the appeal by creating an illusion of three dimensional forms, as viewed from above.

Additional Information

The traditional art of terrazzo floors involves marble chips in a slurry with metal dividers. This project represented an innovative advance in that the metal dividers were not bent manually but by machine-cut by super pressure waterjet technology. This allowed for more complex details and incorporation of the metal as a design element.