Life of Healing Hands - CODAworx

Life of Healing Hands

Submitted by Katrina Murray

Client: Community Heart and Vascular Hospital

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $3,500

Project Team


Mike Lyons


Dawn Hoffman and the Community Heart and Vascular Hospital wanted to pair employees and a professional artist to create a collaborative work of art. Murray designed and facilitated the art making for the collaborative project. About 150 people gathered for remarks and refreshments during the hospital's 10th anniversary celebration, which included this art collaboration.


The goal of this project was to commemorate the thoughtful dedication to the care of patients by the hospital staff and doctors. This team building through art collaboration celebrates the accomplishments of staff and doctors in a stressful life saving environment. This artwork serves to honor the patients over the past 10 years as well. Several babies were born to mothers with heart conditions and the staff felt very proud to be of service during the birth of these children. The final product is a fine art piece created by those dedicated professionals. Additionally the final artwork picked up aesthetic queues from the curved desk, wall, and floor treatments in the hospital lobby. The artwork is at the center of the Hospital’s main concourse and serves as a conversation starter between the greeters at the desk and incoming patients and their loved ones.


Staff and visitors participated in the art collaboration held at this 10-year anniversary event. Murray incorporated the individual pieces of original art made by 130 participants and incorporated them into a commemorative art piece. It is now a permanent installation in the hospital lobby.

Additional Information

Material: Mylar, color pencils, oil paint, canvas, thread, Plywood, and 2 part epoxy. Sizes: 2 Panels are 4.5' x 5' feet and three 8" x 3' panels.