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Take a dot for a walk

Submitted by Chains Interior

Client: Mr.Goodman

Location: Taipei,Taiwan, Taiwan, Province of China

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $160,000

Project Team


Lien-wu Chen

Chains Interior


Kyle Yu

kyleYu Photo Studio

Interior Designer

Lien-wu Chen

Chains Interior


The artist Paul Klee is quoted as saying: “A line is a dot that went for a walk.”

When we want to design a home, we can begin with a dot just as Paul Klee did in his imaginary walk and embark on a cheerful and relaxed linear journey. In the fashion of Paul Klee’s paintings it must then also be possible to outline the atmosphere of a space in such a way that it is filled with music and rhythm!


This design concept begins in the entrance area and uninterrupted lines create continuous and open partitions on three sides, attracting the visitors’ attention.
The lines of the partitions seem to set the space in rhythmic motion. The ceiling, too, features the same twisting lines. Visitors who enter the living room from the dining room and kitchen area thus gain the impression of an open space, where the continuous large windows open up to an unhindered outdoor view.


The intermediate space created by the partitions and corridors enables an atmospheric and rhythmic transition between the open space of the living and dining room on the one hand side and the privacy of the bedroom and study on the other.
It thus resembles a place for a respite during a walk, where we slow down our pace and take a breath before we continue.

In the corner at the end of the living room is the entrance to the master bedroom and the end of another winding path opens up to yet another view. The light from the continuous two floor-to-ceiling windows leads the way from the bed in the bedroom to the washbasin in the bathroom. So one can choose to have a bath in sunlight or to be fast asleep in moonlight – a perfect ending to this walk through this home.