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Synergy Technology

Submitted by David Wiener

Client: Synergy Technology

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Steve Urry

Synergy Technology

Industry Resource

Ferrari Color


David Wiener

David Wiener Art


Software development company, Synergy Technologies, wanted large format artwork for their modern office spaces. The theme of the art was to mix technology, advanced materials, real-estate construction and motorsport imagery, given the business and sponsorship involvements of the company. The 10 pieces were 92 x 46″ printed on aluminum composite panels and mounted using stand-offs to add dimensionality to the work.


The goal of the corporate directors was to add excitement and visual impact to the office spaces. With many large rooms and walls, the opportunity to create a variety of similar, yet very different pieces meant emp[loyees, customers, guests and visiting media would be intrigued and want to "look around" to take in the unique pieces. Given the modern, abstract nature of David Wiener's artwork, people were also compelled to look at each piece carefully, in order to "figure out" what the many small detail images were that made up each piece, giving them a sense of discovery and satisfaction upon having the "a-ha" moment and realizing the modern art was made up of everyday and memorable bits. From construction site images to those of aircraft, racing cars, architectural elements and building facades, the subject matter of each piece instantly created a high-impact visual as well as an entertainment moment for each viewer, regardless of his or her level of interest in art.


The collaboration for this project involved some brief discussions with the Directors of the company, to understand their specific business activities and interests, as well as their sense of the company's brand and image. This led to David Wiener shooting a variety of photographs targeting subject matter that was key to the brand story and the business interests. David then went to work creating a variety of pieces, giving the decision-makers more than they had asked for, so that they had choices rather than have the requisite number of pieces forced upon them. In the end, their satisfaction and excitement level were such that they installed more pieces than they had originally planned on. In addition, the cost-conscious company was quite pleased and surprised at the sensible price-per-piece when all was finished and installed.

Additional Information

The resulting installation was very well received with company personnel and visitors eager to see all the pieces, asking questions and commenting on the unique and elegant work that complimented the office space in a high-impact, yet well measured manner. The aluminum panel prints were a good choice for both the size and cost-control of the project, and installation was fast and efficient, without disturbing office productivity.