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Synchronicity of Color

Client: Eskinazi Health

Location: Indianappolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Margo Sawyer, FAAR

Margo Sawyer Inc

Art Consultant

Julia Moore

Blackburn Architects


Matthew Gutwein, President & CEO

Eskinazi Health


Dr. Lisa Harris, MD, CEO

Eskinazi Health

Art Consultant

Michael Kaufman

Eskinazi Health


Synchronicity of Color is the welcome to Eskenazi Health in Indianapolis, Indiana. The work has a jubilant quality, lush and vibrant offering a unique welcome to the hospital. The work has a jubilant, lush and vibrant the colors change as you walk by, offering a unique welcome to Eskenazi Health.


I wanted Synchronicity of Color to feel as one with the architecture. My goal was to create a lush, beautiful, contemplative moment, within the stress filled time of this hospital. I wanted the art to be part of the architecture and that color would be inside and on the walls.


HOK Architects designed the building and Blackburn Architects where the project architect to co-ordinate the art with the architecture. The client, The New Wishard was the unique and inspiring one in this process. The New Wishard (to become the Eskenazi Health) wanted each artist to know what the hospital culture before they made the art work, they took each artist from top to bottom of the hospital. It is from this inspiring visit that my work took form.

Additional Information

My works are dynamic, as the viewer walks by, colors change, perceptions shift. The work will never be the same, and it will have a different relationship with each person who encounters it.