Synapse - CODAworx


Client: Anoymous

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $68,000

Project Team

Amy Genser


Design Team



3D mixed media, sculptural installation in the lobby of brand new R and D building at a life science company.


The commissioning company asked me to design a piece that shows the inextricable link between art and science. Their brand new R and D building is full of light, plants, water, color and life. They looked to me to design a mural that reflects collaboration, process, science and the natural world.

The color palette is inspired by the warm palette of the lobby. There are also multiple waterfalls adjacent to the artwork. The artwork blends in with the natural flow of the water and the interior landscaping.


I worked with a team of cross-disciplinary professionals over 10 months through conversation, sketches, presentations, and design revisions. I sent the team several actual samples to place on the site in order to determine the best color, composition, and structural elements.

I built the mural out of two sintra panels. The flexible substrate allowed the piece to bend with the curve of the wall. The panels were constructed to fit together seamlessly. I call this my "paper zipper" system where I intentionally position the paper to jigsaw together on site. The seam is invisible.

The artwork was crated and freighted to the site in Wisconsin. I flew to Wisconsin and installed the piece over 2 days with the help of my assistant and an on site, in-house team.

The artwork is protected by many layers of industrial varnishes. It is hard to the touch and resistant to the natural light that beams into the lobby.

Additional Information

I loved every part of this project. The commissioning company clearly values the power of art. I went through several interviews and was thrilled to be selected for this site. The team was wonderful to work with - inspiring, inquisitive, open to suggestion and supportive. I hope to visit the site again soon. Please note that I will receive professional images of the installation soon. The lighting will also be changed to better illuminate the artwork.