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“Superbloom” and “Supernova”

Submitted by Nicole Mueller

Client: American Real Estate Partners (AREP)

Location: Washington D.C., DC, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Nicole Mueller

Art Consultants

Artists Circle Fine Art


Bay Area Stretcher Bars


“Superbloom” and “Supernova” are two 17’ x 14.5’ acrylic paintings on canvas, commissioned by American Real Estate Partners (AREP) and Artists Circle Fine Art for the newly renovated main lobby of 1625 Eye Street in Washington D.C. Located just blocks away from the White House, the two paintings are intended to become vibrant fixtures, their bold color captivating people from the street and drawing them into the lobby, their colossal scale fully immersing viewers up close. Built from an abstract visual language, Mueller uses color and form in her paintings to create a sensation of being in transition. Her work is rooted in the idea that nothing is static but exists in a constant state of flux.

Commissioned at the start of 2021, during a moment of political, social, and economic transformation, the paintings’ energetic composition, bursting with color and fragmented forms, make them feel as if they are simultaneously exploding and imploding, collapsing and breaking apart, or merging together all at once, themselves suspended in a moment of evolution. The massive scale of each painting renders them each monuments to a world in transition, intended to serve as a reminder of things that are greater than oneself.


AREP wanted something visually bold and impactful that would capture the attention of people on the street, and draw them into this public lobby.

There’s a drama to the scale that we wanted to bring into the composition, which felt especially significant given their placement in the heart of Washington D.C., a place where so many influential decisions are made that impact our country and our world.

I approached the paintings as monuments themselves, to a world in flux with enormous potential and creative energy.

Color was another important element in pushing the paintings to be as vibrant as possible, as the paintings are intended to invigorate and energize the space.


Contact artist at: studio@nicolemariemueller.com