Cloud 9 and Sunset Mirage - CODAworx

Cloud 9 and Sunset Mirage

Submitted by Domsky Glass

Client: Clark County Dept of Aviation, McCarren International Airport

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $500,000

Project Team


Barbara Domsky

Domsky Glass


Larry Domsky

Domsky Glass


PGAL Architects


Department of Aviation


Cloud 9 and Sunset Mirage are relief wall sculptures created with dichroic fused glass, steel and aluminum. Each sculpture has an overall dimension of 85′ x 19.5′. Cloud 9 and Sunset were created for this site specifically, to be viewed by a large audience of all ages who travel through the busy McCarren International Airport. Both sculptures can be appreciated from afar and up close. Cloud 9 represents the monsoon seasons of our beautiful desert city and Sunset Mirage resembles the hot desert sun of Las Vegas.


Our designs were approved by the architect prior to building this terminal. Working together early in the process provided the entire team with a clear understanding of how the art would benefit the audience and the space. Our main goal was to create visual excitement without overpowering the area. We considered the direct and indirect light and how it would play on the glass throughout the day. We produced each sculpture in materials that would change in color and reflection as the viewer moved passed the work to create the feeling of movement at different points of view. We coated all the glass to keep maintenance to a minimum.


We worked with a full team of professionals to ensure that our sculpture would benefit the space to the best of its ability. Working with the Architects from PGAL we had a very clear understanding of the building before it was built. The engineers from PGAL ensured us that the walls would support the weight of the sculptures and they helped us determine placement and lighting to best suit each composition. We worked with the Clark County Department of Aviation (DOA) to ensure they understood the materials we were working with and our expectations for the experience of the work in the environment. The DOA helped us to meet all the appropriate safety requirements. From design to installation we worked very closing with a project manager for the DOA.

Additional Information

We originally were given the opportunity to create one work for this space. At this initial stage, we decided to design two options. After our presentation to a panel of approximately 30 architects, engineers, designers and the DOA, the panel decided to commission both options and therefore we created two unique sculptures, one for each side of this terminal to create balance in the space. Everyone loves the work and it's dynamic presence. The DOA praised us for our professionalism, the quality of our work, and the manner in which we conducted our installations.