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SunFlowers, an Electric Garden

Submitted by Harries Heder Collaborative

Client: Catellus Development Co.

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $555,000

Project Team


Mags Harries


Lajos Héder


SunFlowers was initiated as a buffer to mask the loading docks at the edge of a development from the I-35 highway. Instead of merely mitigating the site, the new design makes it into an attraction and an important facility in its own right.


The 15 SunFlowers that form the Electric Garden are sculptural solar collectors that generate solar energy to be used for lighting at night. During the day they provide a shaded grove for a pedestrian path and at night the LED’s in the SunFlowers’ stamens glow with blue light.


The additional energy that they produce is fed into the electrical grid, which is monitored online at The project is both an icon for the sustainable, LEED certified development and a highly visible metaphor for the energy conscious City of Austin. Recipient of the 2010 Liveable City Vision Award for Esthetics.

Additional Information

SunFlowers, an Electric Garden Location: Austin, TX (2009) Client: Catellus Development Co. Size: 15 SunFlowers, 16’ high/ Site 30’ x 1,000’ Material: Photovoltaic solar collector panels, steel, land forms and planting Budget: $555,000 For more please visit