Sunflower - CODAworx


Submitted by Patricia Vader


Location: Roswell, GA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Patricia Vader



Joe Farais

3D Studios, Oakland, CA


Nicholas Blackburn

Blackburn Structural Design


This contemporary wind-activated kinetic sculpture is designed for an urban environment. A stainless steel framework supports the flower. Seven overlapping petals as well as the heart of the flower are windmills spinning in different directions, clockwise and counter clockwise. The heart of the flower has road reflectors mounted on each disk which flare up at night. The sculpture is 14’ high, with the 6’diameter flower hanging just above hand reach. It was inspired by the desire to enliven an urban setting with a playful and attention grabbing element. It does indeed elicit a smile from people of all ages.


The use of windmills made out of bicycle wheels is one of the artist's trademarks. The technology of bicycle wheels is an old and tested one and therefore suitable for use as a permanent material in outdoor conditions, especially with current improvements like hubs made solely with stainless steel and aluminum (no rust) as well as weather and dust proof encased bearings.

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