Submerged Breath - CODAworx

Submerged Breath

Submitted by Carlo Bernardini

Client: Nuit Blanche - Metz (France)

Location: Metz, France

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $15,673

Project Team


Carlo Bernardini

Art Consultant

Octave Cowbell Gallery


Carlo Bernardini – Submerged breath” 2013 – Environmental installation in optic fiber. Dimensions: metres H 4 x 37 x 28. Moselle Canalisée, Metz (France)


A mental drawing, executed with the light of the optical fibre, can float and across the surface of water, not allowing the viewer to understand its origin. The installation takes over the space and incorporates it. The spatial form develops a challenging relationship with the space without dimensions, as it penetrates it, stimulates it and reduces to its power, until transforming it into itself. It is a role play where the space is transformed from the container into the artwork.
The project with a site-specific installation is constituted by a fixed subtle optical fibre structure that tends to transform space in an illusory sense. Straight fibre-optic lines can create a dynamic field of taut forms with the appearance of slender surfaces. The optical fibers only reveal the empty space they enclose in a subsequent phase of perception. The observer can enter into a sort of illusory space, a submerged space.


Collaboration between Carlo Bernardini and Octave Cowbell Gallery
5 rue des Parmentiers
F-57000 Metz
33(0)661 622 779