Stride - CODAworx


Client: North West Monroe County YMCA

Location: Bloomington, IN, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Material cutting

Water Jet Cutting of Indiana

Stone Fabrication

3D Stone Company

Engineering, Foundations, Lighting, Pathways and Curbing

Tom Fansler III

Smock Fansler INC.


Stride, 16′ x 80′ x 35′. Prominent and most striking within this 80’ wide stone, aluminum, and steel composition is a 16’ tall striding figure with a multicolor interior. Because the figure is perforated, spaced, and layered the colors, the imagery within, and the background landscape constantly shift and change as the viewer moves around the piece.
The striding figure is positioned so that it is the first thing seen as members arrive at the YMCA. The figure is a powerful archetype that is intended to speak to the ideals of a healthy spirit, mind, and body. It is a stylized image moving forward, resolute, and positive. And, it is supported physically and visually by a composition of monumental stones that move along the landscape of the hilltop island.


Each portion of the composition depends on its neighboring form. This physical manifestation reinforces the conceptual idea of connectivity, our reliance on one another, and our connection to the “whole”. As a total composition, all of the individual elements of this sculpture are woven together into a cohesive image that speaks of the ideals and identity of the YMCA


Carved Indiana Limestone, Powder Coated Steel, Powder Coated Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Lighting, pathway development, and paving.

The materials used for this project are Indiana Limestone, Powder Coated Steel, and Stainless Steel. These materials are known for their strength, durability, integrity, and beauty. Used properly, they work well for structural applications and are known to withstand natural elements. The stone is carved so that it retains the mark of a hand. The steel is water jet cut into intricate imagery and powder coated so that it resists the elements. All hardware is stainless steel.

Additional Information

The figure is composed of three layers of water jet cut steel. All steel surfaces are professionally powder coated. The central interior layer of the figure is coated in the five colors used within the YMCA logo. The colors are intended here to reinforce the YMCA philosophy. The finished interior of the perforated figure also contains a variety of images that are observed within the overall figure and that also speak of the ideals of the YMCA organization. The figure is surrounded by a grouping of both physically and visually connected stone forms. The visual movement of the large forms begins at the right and increases in size and movement to the crescendo of the striding figure. Each of the stones is surface carved with textures and images that add to the visual and conceptual movement of the overall composition.