Stout Field Atrium - CODAworx

Stout Field Atrium

Client: Stout Field Elementary School

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2007

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Andrée Valley

Art Consultant

InSite Art Consulting Group


In 2007 Stout Field Elementary School commissioned this installation that is located in a newly built atrium of the school. It was completed and installed in July of that year at a cost of $5,000. This price did not include installation costs.


This painted aluminum hanging installation consists of 15 pieces that hang in the atrium entry of the school as well as in the library skylights. The pieces range from one to two feet in size and are made from 3/8” aluminum painted in saturated colors with a UV resistant powder coat finish. They hang with swiveled airplane wire allowing for rotation. The pieces slowly rotate at different rates according to size and airflow. Some of the hanging hardware was custom made in order to fit the parameters of the project.


Andree Valley was asked to submit a proposal by InSite Art Consulting Group located in Indianapolis, IN. She presented a scale model of the mobile installation with a detailed aesthetic, fabrication and installation proposal to In-Site Consulting. After the proposal was accepted, installation of the sculpture was timed to happen during the school’s summer vacation. The installation’s concept was to have each shape representing amoebic-like abstractions, so students could use their imagination to identify shapes in the same way they would when looking at cloud formations. The artist wanted pieces that were interesting and fun to look at, giving a feeling of excitement.

Additional Information

Valley presented the school with a visual PDF presentation they could show students. The presentation details what is involved in conceiving, implementing and installing this installation.