Stone 5 - CODAworx

Stone 5

Submitted by Benjamin Langholz


Location: Berlin, Germany

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Benjamin Langholz


Amihay Gonen


Stone 5 was completed on April 5 2020 in my studio in Berlin
Stone and steel
Stone 5 invites you to a moment of complete presence as you take a walk on a pathway of 5 250kg
floating stones. Challenge your balance and sense of reality. The stones balance on top of slender pipes which appear impossibly supported and come directly out of the base. When installed permanently the base would be buried to achieve this effect.


Stone 5 is a proof of concept for the possibility of having the stones supported on top of pipes instead of hung from cables. This is an idea I had almost directly after Stone 27 because it allows for less noise around the stones while still giving the feeling that the stones are floating as you move on them. It also allows for nonlinear designs such as fields of stones which I hope to explore in the future.

Stone 5 was not created for a specific destination, but because of the postponement of several projects due to COVID-19 I had time to explore this concept on a small scale.

Stone 5 was designed to be modular so that it could be expanded on as well as be installed quickly in any setting.