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Steampunk Bathroom

Submitted by Andre Rothblatt

Client: Aaron Passey and Maureen Gramaglia

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Andre Rothblatt

Andre Rothblatt Architecture


Andre Rothblatt

Andre Rothblatt Architecture


This steampunk bathroom integrates art elements with not only the architecture but the function of the space. The steampunk genre romanticizes industrial age technology such as pipes, gears and gauges. This design uses the functional plumbing and lighting as opportunities to create sculptural design that also takes inspiration from the works and drawings of Rube Goldberg.


The goal of this project was to take a light hearted approach to a room that is often overlooked as a space that can celebrate artistic expression. Where many art installations consist of a separate piece of artwork placed in the framework of the architecture, this project is a true example of the integration of art with architecture, it blurs the boundary of sculpture, art, plumbing and light fixtures. The final result is a vibrant artistic fabrication where the end user can physically interact with the installation with their everyday use.


This art installation required coordination and collaboration with a number of construction trades, designers and the artist, even the building department participated in the process. The concept of the design was initiated by the architect who worked closely with the lighting designer, plumber, and contractor to test the idea with mock ups then install onsite. The clients, who commissioned the project, participated with each decision.