1st Annual Mother’s Day Blessing - CODAworx

1st Annual Mother’s Day Blessing

Client: Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church

Location: New York , NY, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $150

Project Team


Janet Morgan


St. Bart's Church


Katherine Echo Kim

Conscious Clinic


Five 8 x 8 foot banner paintings and two small watercolors (26 x 40″) were used at St. Bart's in Manhattan for a Mother's Day Blessing conducted by Katherine Echo Him. The dancer shown is Dunya Diane McPherson.


The goals were to bring some goddess and mother energy into the church for Mother's Day. We hung the banners inside and out, including a courtyard, so there would be a continual experience of the divine feminine as one walked around this sacred space.


The pieces already existed, and the director brought me in to add color and female energy to the space. The director picked the pieces and together we designed where they would go.

Additional Information

I was a delight to see these works up in such a well known space, and they added to much to the Blessing Ceremony. I was honored to have my art such an important part of the day.