Micro and Macro - CODAworx

Micro and Macro

Submitted by Sukanya Mani

Client: Ellisville Parks and Recreation

Location: Kranzberg Arts Center, MO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $3,000

Project Team


Sukanya Mani

1072 Oakwood Farms Lane

Industry Resource

Warren Sauer

Sauer Machines


The artist won a commission to create a temporary series of installations for Kranzberg Gallery in 2019. She submitted photographs and prototypes of the proposed installations as part of the selection process. These are clusters of undulating forms created by warping, cutting, manipulating, and installing Tyvek paper. Drawing from the idea of playing with light, shadow, dimensionality, and gravity, she made perforations to conjure illusions of flickering sunlight to create areas of warmth and shade. Aspiring to create a serene and peaceful environment from which viewers can reflect and breathe, these installations offer the viewer a moment of escapism and provides the space with a unique identity.

Please visit https://youtu.be/mYnvIo3fYss to see a video of this exhibit.


This exhibit started as an experiment to explore the idea of negative and positive attributes in warped space. The idea of representing these complex ideas in a visual sculptural installation is very exciting to me.

Additional Information

I am constantly learning- my process involves creating with intent, intellectual thought, and placing context into my work. Each public art's purpose is addressed independently. Since public art is commission driven, a significant part of the design process starts with conversations with the client, and visual examination of the space where the sculpture will be installed. While specific meanings vary from piece to piece and installation to installation, my work is informed by the human attempt in the understanding of ourselves- both through the medium of science and philosophy. Stories, conversations, reading, and listening enter into my artwork, which may or may not be recognized by the viewer. My current artwork comes out of research around the study of our Universe. Creating a dialog between the understanding of the natural laws and a visual immersive form allows me to experience the cosmos in an immediate way. By mixing science and art, observation and imagination, I hope to find a bridge between the two, mimicking the breathtaking complexity that exists at every level of scale in the cosmos and the quantum, and filtering it through the intuitiveness of the artistic imagination. Location, lighting, and the viewer's perspective have a huge role to play in my approach to creat