Serenbe - CODAworx


Submitted by Robert Rausch

Client: Serenbe

Location: Palmetto, AL, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team


Robert Rausch

GAS Desing Center

Production Manager

Marisa Keris

GAS Desing Center


Serenbe founder Steven Nygren brought Rausch on board so early that Rausch designed the stunning first introduction to the entire concept as a hand-crafted artisanal box that was filled with dazzling (yet nature-based) hints of what was to come. The packaging alone earned Robert and the Serenbe leadership countless awards. But best of all, the handcrafted large presentation package was sent to 30 of the most prominent (and famous) potential investors in the world…when Serenbe was just a high concept and a vast empty field. That “box” was hand-delivered all over the world and every one of the recipients – every one of them – opened it and reached out to the developers within 24 hours of receipt. And that’s when it all began. For years after, Robert was one of their most trusted partners in bringing their vision to life – and along the way, he did everything from designing spectacular exterior and interior (and innovative) large-scale lighting that almost disappears as one walks through the community, but that dazzle on closer inspection (this is wildly relevant to what we have in mind for you) to finessing details of the massive community across every square foot in countless imaginative ways.


To create unique environmentally friendly solutions for the beautification and function of streetlights, entryways, street signs, lighting, trashcans, and support elements.


Founder Steve first came to Robert to help him crystallize his own vision for what would be a historic undertaking before it was anything more than a concept and an empty field. While Nygren was initially stunned at Robert's incredibly innovative and imaginative presentation box for potential investors, he came to rely on Rausch for just that kind of imagination and expertise in execution for countless initiatives over the next many years.

Additional Information

Main Photo: Tree Street Light, cast iron, and steel. 3-D tree shape makes the pole look like it moves as you move around it. 1. Mado Street light. Aluminum laser cut Desing cast shadow of Desing on sidewalk/street 2. Display sign rack 3. Aluminum laser cut custom honeysuckle patter Desing chandelier that cast an illuminated wallpaper pattern. 4. Steel tree with recycled wine bottle cast leaves. Entry way finding to offices at Serenbe. 5. 15 ft aluminum lighted chandelier floating above the fountain.