Submitted by Daniela Todorova

Client: Mladen Mutafchiiski

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team

Stained Glass

Daniela Todorova


Todor Todorov


This project was ordered by the customer, who wants to create a dome who have to be a light system from a few elements. The main one was dome in the centre of the house surrounded by stained glasses and art pieces including elements from the dome and stained glass. The style has to connect with classical interior and to include crystals, gold plated element, bronze with green and brown patina. This house was with the very important art collection of classical painters, therefore this art elements have to be very high quality and spectacular. The team was sculptor Todor Todorov and stained glass artists Daniela Todorova.


Description: Series of stained glass windows, door and three sculptures consisting of stained glass elements for a private house in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Size of stained glass windows:
first – 2.30/1.10m
second – 2.10/1.10m
Size of the stained glass door:
first – 2.20/0.45m
Sculptures are collaborative projects with the sculptor Todor Todorov, ARBS, Sofia.
Illuminated sculpture made from gold, crystal, copper, bronze, green patina, brown patina:
size – 3.50/3.50m
Illuminated sculptures made from gold, copper, bronze, green patina, brown patina:
first – 3.50/0.80/0.05m
second – 1.41/0.90/0.50m


This was with an invitation from architect Ognian Grozev and the customer Mladen Mutafchiiski / biggest art collector in Bulgaria.


In the beginning, the space was photographed and the design became three-dimensional visualized for approval by the client. The dome had to hide an existing huge element of the ceiling, which the owner did not want to demolish, but also not to see. The dome was built entirely of floral elements and crystal accents that carried light. Then the art elements and the stained glass windows were designed for the niches and the high windows. The overall sound of the interior was mastered by the visual elements present in all works, which united them and made them a common collection.

Additional Information

The main element is a laurel branch.