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Science Brightens Expansive Senior Residence

Client: Bethany Center

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Ruth's Table Staff

Bethany Center

Art Creation

Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy Studio


A bright neuroscience landscape energizes the lobby of the newly redesigned and expanded Bethany Center senior residence in San Francisco. This mixed media artwork “GABA Dreamtime” was in a solo exhibit Neil had at Ruth’s Table. Ruth’s Table is a reference to world famous sculptor Ruth Asawa. Ruth’s table is a department of the Bethany Center in San Francisco. Seniors and youth meet to create art and build community. Following Neil’s exhibit and art-making workshop, this piece was purchased by the Bethany Center and is now in their permanent collection. GABA Dreamtime is a 60 inch wide mixed media (archival print with acrylic washes and inks) mounted on a birch panel. This artwork can be replicated and finished with hand-embellishments in a wide range of sizes.


The curators picked this piece because it's both intellectually stimulating (neuroscience topic) and brightly colorful. This artwork lives adjacent to the heavily trafficked lobby. It is a perfect fit for the recently redesigned Bethany Center in San Francisco. This community addresses senior's needs by incorporating multicultural events, workshops, and activities of all kinds, and stimulating art.


This artwork was picked to become part of the Bethany Center's permanent collection following an exhibit of Neil's work in the Ruth's Table gallery. The gallery staff recommended the artwork to the Center's board which agreed to the purchase.

Additional Information

A goal of Neil's neuroscience artworks is to provide an entertaining and stimulating piece and, at the same time, stimulate discussion about their fascinating topics. In this case, GABA is a "stop" neurotransmitter. It's action is primarily inhibitory. For example, it can help keep us from feeling overstimulated. The artwork provides Interesting information for people moving through the central hallway.