Scan / MOVE - CODAworx

Scan / MOVE

Submitted by Heather Hancock Studio

Client: Private

Location: Arlington, VA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Heather Hancock

Heather Hancock Studio

Art Consultant

Debbie Sotsky

Art Matters


Rob Plati

Underground Art Framing


These clients’ core value “MOVE” was transformed into an engaging shimmering visual feature for a commercial building lobby. This project came together with a short turn around time for installation in advance of the clients’ building opening. The art consultant collaborated with the clients to translate their core value into ten selected global languages. I used these text elements to create engaging vertical compositions alongside vibrant color rhythm panels.

My work is deeply informed by my prior career in healthcare. Working first as a speech language pathologist and then as director for physical rehabilitation, I think a lot about the importance of engaging environments that activate us physically and mentally. Working with different types of shimmer and iridescence and strong texture contrasts sets up a human-powered art ecosystem. As a viewer moves glass shifts to create a cycle of engagement and movement.

Working in multiple panels is a great way to create a large visual feature that ships and installs easily.


1. Create a welcoming and engaging visual feature in a large commercial lobby space.
2. Create an installation relevant to the client and also accessible to the other businesses in the building and their guests and visitors.
3. Incorporate ten global languages to reflect the clients' international scope.
4. Bring color and energy to this large lobby space, connecting to the clients' company colors.


All collaboration for design phase was managed remotely with art consultant Debbie Sotsky providing site images and project goals.
Project turn-around-time was approx 6 weeks from preliminary design proposal to shipping for installation in advance of the clients' building opening weekend.