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San Lorenzo Suite

Client: San Lorenzo Library

Location: San Lorenzo, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Stephen Galloway

Public Art Agent

Rachel Osajima

Alameda County Arts Commission

Industry Resource

Patricia Francis, Dwayne Maxwell

Western States Glass


Commissioned by the Alameda County Arts Commission for The San Lorenzo Library. The Suite consists of three compositions, one for each wall of windows in the remodeled library. The artwork is made to serve both the library and the community; complementing the architecture and enhancing the library experience with images that are impressions and reflections of what this place feels like. Including iconic features that everyone will recognize such as vistas and landscapes with a sense of the agricultural past. Tying it all together is the view through the sycamore canopy, a living symbol of the San Lorenzo community today.


The County is dedicated to the inclusion of artwork in the design of all new capital projects. This particular library is the primary civic site in this unincorporated area. Thus, using artwork to create a unified sense of place and to honor the various facets of San Lorenzo was of great importance to the County and the local community.


Galloway worked with various stakeholders including the County Arts Commission, the architects, the library staff, and the local community, to get a good sense of what they imagined for this space. Additionally, the artist spent days walking through the neighborhoods talking with people outside their homes to gain further inspiration for his design.

Additional Information

The artist worked closely with Patricia Francis and Dwayne Maxwell of Western States Glass, Fremont CA, throughout the fabrication process.