San Diego Topography Wall - CODAworx

San Diego Topography Wall


Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team



Tecture Design and Fabrication



Tecture Design and Fabrication


Scope – Design, Fabrication, Installation
Location – La Jolla, CA
Size – 14’ Length x 4′ Height
Type – Commercial / Office
Client – Private
Photography – Studio MAHA


The Pitch Room at Alexandria Real Estate Equities’ (ARE) Torreyana location is a meeting space dedicated to nurturing innovative thought, cinching sales, and stoking brilliance. Tecture was commissioned to reinforce those objectives with a custom art piece, shelving, and bar die for an adjacent libation-dedicated space.

The 14-foot art piece represents ARE's engagement with the science and technology community of San Diego, CA. Reminiscent of a financial bar graph, the striations of the installation were created using over 300 pieces of wood and glass. The wood forms were CNC-milled to illustrate San Diego topography while the glass pieces represent the ocean, making the coastline pop in brilliant contrast. Brass dots indicate the locations of ARE's properties and Science and Technology clients. Along with their logo, words that embody ARE's mantra are engraved into each piece of wood. As the viewer progresses from one side of the piece to the other, the striations plunge and climb like the landscape they represent, providing a unique experience from each perspective