Sacred Snail - CODAworx

Sacred Snail

Submitted by Catharine Magel

Client: Walter Ambrose Family Center Park

Location: St. Louis, MO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $34,000

Project Team


Catharine Magel


Angelika Huskamp, Mosiac Contractor

Mosaic Contractor

Industry Resource

Vincent Goodnoe



Light filled sculpture. The 12 foot high snail is a creature that has its own home wherever it goes. Not unlike like humans our heart is our home and we take it everywhere we go as well. The house sculpture is like an adobe home that primitive people build and paint designs on that represent values or symbolic meaning in their culture. I like the combined idea of architecture, nature, and culture.


Carl Jung noted that the snail was representative of the self in dreams. In psychology, the soft insides are analogous to the subconscious, as the shell is the conscious. And this is the key to open up the creative mind for children and adults .
Color and organic forms spark the imagination.


Collaboration was with welder and concrete fabricators as well as mosaic installation crew.

Additional Information

I began designing with the idea of using nature as an influence and how we learn from the natural world. Nature offers a place of continuity, discovery, and continual regeneration representing life affirming change. Carl Jung noted that the snail was representative of the self in dreams.