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Sacramento neighborhood

Submitted by Jennifer Butts

Client: Chris Dahlburg

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $4,000

Project Team


Jennifer Butts

Jennifer Butts Murals & Painting, LLC


Chris Dahlberg

Dahlberg Construction


Italian villa themed mural designed to beautify the backyard of a home in downtown Sacramento.


Backyard had 2 unsightly neighboring garages that needed to be visually altered for the sell of this home. We created the illusion of an Italian getaway for the beautification of the existing home. It became a gorgeous scene and can be viewed from inside the home.


4 Sketches were drawn based on the theme given to the artist. Specific elements of each sketch were chosen to be incorporated into the final mural. Walls were prepped and primed by owner. I then painted and sealed both walls.