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Rotho Blaas limited company

Submitted by monovolume architecture + design

Client: Rotho Blaas limited company

Location: Kurtatsch, Italy

Completion date: 2005

Artwork budget: $3,000,000

Project Team


Patrik Pedó

monovolume architecture + design


Juri Pobitzer

monovolume architecture + design


Rothoblaas GmbH


Client: Rotho Blaas limited company
Location: Kurtatsch (BZ)
Program: Commercial building
Realization: 2004
Volume: 24.000 m³
Building area: 3.700 m²
Building costs: 3,5 Mil. Euro

1st prize, competition
4th South Tyrolean architecture award – selected group


Rothoblaas GmbH is a wholesale commercial company specialised in wood assembling systems and professional carpentry tools, the new headquarters in Kurtatsch redefining its corporate identity. To achieve this target, a modern wood and glass building was erected starting from the crucial warehouse and commissioning zones, which are located in the ground floor. The whole project was developed in teamwork with the company’s logistic department. As a result, a strongly optimised prop grid was developed in cooperation with the structural designer. These functional considerations, together with the offices and show room sheltered in the upper floor, led to a very clear aesthetical design which reflects the enterprise philosophy: Solidity and forward-looking transparency, as well as attachment to traditional values and materials, represented by the use of wood, which were programmatically assembled using Rothoblaas assembling systems, only. The materials integrate smoothly with the green surroundings, whilst the closed façade towards the near motorway creates a landmark and an advertising medium at once, serving as a noise protection at once.