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RIT / NTID Rosica Hall Meditation Garden

Submitted by Scott Grove

Client: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Location: Rochester, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team


Scott Grove

Green Grove Design


Matt Squires

Manning Squires Hennig


Scott Hemenway



Trevor Harrison

HBT architects


James Yarrington

Rochester Institute of Technology


Quent Rhodes

Rochester Institute of Technology


“Metamorphosis” symbolizes the career oeuvre of an individual, from student to seasoned professional. The three monoliths represent phases of education and personal development, the honing of knowledge and refinement of skills as one experiences higher education. The perfectly aligned openings of the monoliths signify the core of humanity around which a life is built, and denotes the limitless potential of the RIT graduate.


The three blue stone monoliths help transition a 200 SF interior meditation space to a 800 SF exterior garden. Utilizing locally-quarried stone helped meet a LEED qualification. Each stone is finished to varying degrees of polish as they transition to the outside garden. This represents the honing of each student as they progress through the schools educational programs and life.


The collaboration between artist Scott Grove; HBT Architects; RIT / NITD representatives; James J DeCaro, the donating patron; and construction management of Manning Squires Hennig Construction was unified in concept and budget to meet an aggressive schedule and reflect the intention of RIT’s vision. Rosica Hall was planned to be the setting for strategic research as well as an esthetically and artistically pleasing place to showcase inspiring artwork.

Additional Information

Scott Grove graduated from RIT in 1982 with a degree in Environmental Design and now lives across the street from campus, on the Genesee River. He said, "It feels great to have a permanent installation and give back aesthetically to my alma mater. I’ve hired many students from RIT's School of American Crafts; once I hired the entire graduating class. I enjoy helping many of them grow their careers and see them mature into expert craftsmen. This piece also reflects my personal experience with RIT students."