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Rincon Ascending

Submitted by Jeff Glode Wise

Client: Agave Builders

Location: Durango, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Jeff Glode Wise

future wise

project commissioner

Mark Williamson

Agave Builders

project commissioner

Jim Phillipon

Agave Builders


This piece was commissioned by the forward thinking owners of Agave Builders in Durango Colorado for the entrance to their new subdivision.
I built the steel structure inside the living room of an abandoned house on the property with the assistance of my brother MIke, who is a professional union welder. We built the sculpture in mid winter, so we stoked the fireplace with the kitchen cabinets and stair railings to keep warm. When spring arrived, Agave Builders threw a block party for the sculpture’s debut. We cut a hole in the roof and then hoisted the sculpture out with a skylift, accompanied by Rock and Roll music and the cheers of the crowd. I wore an Elton John suit created by my wife Susan for this highly theatrical presentation.


The subdivision has a view of a prominent local mountain so we wanted to highlight that in the design of the piece. The sculpture's form resembles 2 mountain peaks and Perrins Peak


Agave Builders provided the abandoned house for the construction of the piece and I scaled up the sculpture to the maximum size that the room would allow. Agave builders moved the boulders for the sculpture foundation and I then drilled in steel pins and constructed concrete formwork on top of the foundation stones. Agave builders poured concrete into my forms and their equipment operator then mounted the sculpture onto the pillars with a skylift.