Right Side/Wrong Side - CODAworx

Right Side/Wrong Side

Client: International Museum of Art and Science

Location: McAllen, TX, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Bill FitzGibbons


Abraham Lezama


Jenny Smith


Right Side/Wrong Side is a sculptural response to the geo-political environment constructed by humans that defies the common human spirit that is being imposed on two cultures that are more similar than they are different. Which side is right, which is wrong? As a sculptural statement the piece imposes itself in the space and forces the audience to experience the gravity of the political statement created by government. It is also the platform, set, for a multi-cultural performance, with light and dance interjecting the human element, the spirit.


The goal was for the viewer to come away with question about our current relationship with a neighboring country that has more things in common with us than they do differences.


In working with the dancers, I brought to them my concept of choreography. We created a dialogue between their body language and movements and my desire to express the essence of our current bi-cultural relationship.

Additional Information

Right Side / Wrong Side embodies my approach to public art as social sculpture. Art in the built environment becomes accessible both physically and conceptually to the whole public and demands to be viewed as an integral part of the human spirit. This idea is emphasized by the ephemeral work of the dance performance. The installation and performance will lend the human experience to what the general public already feels but may not be able to articulate.