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Ribbon of Hope

Client: Adena Hospital

Location: Circleville, OH, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Linda Leviton

Linda Leviton Sculpture

Art Consultant

Brenda Kroos

Brenda Kroos Gallery


The client wanted a piece of wall sculpture for the new cancer facility on their campus. The wanted something inspired by the ribbon motif used for cancer awareness. At a studio visit the client and the consultant saw a piece I had made using wire looped much like the cancer ribbon. I suggested doing a sculptural ribbon looking lace like and then letting the families visiting tie their own ribbon on the sculpture, in the color relating to a specific type of cancer their relative was fighting. They could write their name on it an tie it on the piece.


The piece was at the entrance. The space had been designed and needed to complement the details. Making the piece white like the wall and take shape as the ribbons collected worked well, bringing color into the space and having an organic growth. Ribbons were culled over time to make room for new ribbons.


As previously stated this piece grew out of a studio visit and brainstorming session between the project manager from the hospital, the artist and the art consultant meeting at the artist's studio.
A visit to the space allowed the artist to sketch on the wall until the right shape was achieved.

Additional Information

The reception desk had the variety of colored ribbons and engaged the visitors in placing a ribbon on the wall sculpture.