ReVision Lounge and Gallery - CODAworx

ReVision Lounge and Gallery

Submitted by Recycled Bottle Works

Client: Owner - Johnny B

Location: New York City, NY, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $4,500

Project Team


Lee Beckman

Recycled Bottle Works


Johnny B

ReVision Lounge and Gallery


This project includes over 1000 recycled glass bottles, backlighting to showcase bottle designs and integrity ReVision Lounge and Gallery is in NYC.


The concept for this lounge was recycled materials in high quality. Every inch of this space has artist designs and commissioned work (coffin couches, bicycle chain chandeliers, ski stools, etc,.) The inspiration was to showcase how beautiful recycled materials can be, and to demonstrate that they were recycled in a quality fashion.


This collaboration was solely between the owner and myself. His vision for the lounge was set on showcasing quality work done by artists specifically focused on recycled materials. We collected thousands of bottles from other bars to implement into this project and it was all done on site.

Additional Information

The backlit bottles are the key feature to this lounge, and is also the owners favorite part of it.