Reston Executive Center - CODAworx

Reston Executive Center

Submitted by J. Gorsuch Collins Architectural Glass

Client: JBG Companies

Location: Reston, VA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Heather Collins

Heather Collins Still + Motion Photography

Art Consultant

Directions in Art


This project is a series of three glass aerial sculptures, each in its own neighboring building. They incorporate photographic images sublimated onto plate glass to bring vibrant color to these neutral spaces. Each sculpture is approximately 11 ft h x 12 ft w x 4 ft d.


The goal of the project was to bring life to the lobby areas through striking use of color and space. Each of the three pieces is unique but related to the others, encouraging movement between the buildings and making each building distinct from the others. The client wanted memorable and timeless statement pieces for these buildings while also considering the desires of existing and future tenants. Those goals informed the design process and color choices, leading us to a more abstract, rather than representational, design.


Each sculpture is designed with the same fundamental elements of cable, hardware and plate glass but each is distinct in composition and use of color. These sculptures take on their own unique identities through custom high-resolution photography by Heather Collins, and through their arrangements in the space. J. Gorsuch Collins and Heather Collins collaborated on the form and color content of the imagery through the photography process. The art consultant team and client reviewed designs and were part of the dialogue throughout the process to ensure that the pieces would meet he goals of the client.