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Reston Collection

Submitted by Ginny Herzog

Client: Matt Lammer

Location: Reston, VA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Ginny Herzog

Herzog Art


Matt Lammers


The owner, an architect, redesigned and completely renovated a 1980's home with open space and modern forms. He has an extensive collection of the artist's work throughout his home and wanted addition large pieces of her work for the dynamic two story atrium where two of her paintings are installed as well as addition work for the dining room and master bedroom.


The atrium had a ceiling height of 18'. The elevation of the top of the art is 12'. The client wanted the height of the installed art to be 104". Because of the height needed the client and artist agreed that a triptych on 1 1/2" deep cradled panels measuring 40x50, 24x50 and 40x50 would be the best way to execute work of this size. Each piece needed to work as an independent composition as well as provide a continual flow of the architectural forms and lines from one painting to the other. The dining room piece measures 70x36h. and the bedroom piece measures 32x32. All of the work was done in mixed media - using the artist's architectural photographs as collage, oil and cold wax medium and architectural drawing.


The artist provided the client with many suggestions for architectural images that reflected the contemporary feel of the architectural style of the home as well as suggestions for the palette. Photos of the work in progress were provided throughout process until completion.

Additional Information

I appreciated the opportunity and challenge to create my first work of this size. It was advantageous and a pleasure to work with this collector who is so well acquainted with my work and process because of his extensive collection.