Residence in Holladay - CODAworx

Residence in Holladay

Submitted by Water Design, Inc.

Client: Private Owner -Undisclosed

Location: Holladay, UT, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team


Jeff Robinson

Dolphin Pools

Industry Resource

Tom Anderson

Water Design, Inc.


61’-0” long and 13’-0” tall water wall with custom statues. The water wall has a unique tumbled rock finish that creates an amazing effect as the water cascades down. The wall is positioned behind a 61’-6” long and 13’-2” wide swimming pool with large entry steps and a vanishing edge providing the illusion of still water.


The owner of this beautiful feature wanted it to be the centerpiece of their estate. The intent was to create a serene environment with the soft sounds of cascading water, allowing for meditation and contemplation. The beautiful statues that adorn the feature were the inspiration for the still water reflection portion of this project.


The water wall custom stone finish was of the upmost importance to create an aesthetically pleasing wall and also allowing for the the water to tumble gently creating an audible experience. There were numerous mock-ups of differing types of stones until the perfect match was found.

Additional Information

Although there are beautiful statues that adorn this feature, the true art was creating an amazing water wall feature with tumbling water and an audible effect all while maintaining the "glass like" reflecting pool below.