RAG-Asian Heritage Month - CODAworx

RAG-Asian Heritage Month

Submitted by Eunsook Lee

Client: Richmond Art Gallery

Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Completion date: -000

Project Team


Eunsook Lee


Richmond Art Gallery

RAG- City of Richmond

Art Consultant

Mike Myungho Lee


Fibre artist EunSook Lee has transformed the gallery, installing thousands of sculptural components on the walls and floor under black light, and in one instance adding an eerie audio element. Most of her forms are composed of fluorescent threads pressed between layers of transparent polyester film.

Additional Information

From a small distance, only the threads are visible, evoking networks of nerve fibres or blood vessels or fine, organic glyphs. But the luminous pink, orange, green, and violet strands also articulate the larger polyester forms, the pillows, tubes, and columns within which they're embedded. This project was completed in January 2004.