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“V Beam”

Submitted by Christopher Sproat

Client: Arts For Transit

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2002

Artwork budget: $1,000,000

Project Team


Christopher Sproat

Christopher Sproat


Gruzon/ Sampton Architects

Gruzon/ Sampton Architects


This 640' long sculpture provides all the lighting, signage, fans, speakers and emergency needs for the entire # 7 subway platform at Grand Central Station in NYC.


Normally, the stations hang every functional need from the ceiling separately. The result is a clutter of conduit and stuff hanging down with no elegance. I chose to integrate all those needs and space for future wiring into a coherent, functional form that is robustly commanding and elegant.


I worked within all the standards for lighting, signage etc. that the Transit Authority established. I also worked with the station architects to get my ideas into their drawings. The process took 7 years.