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Sapere Audi (Dare to know)

Submitted by John Luebtow

Client: Michael Segal - Harvard/Westlake School

Location: North Hollywood, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


John Gilbert Luebtow

Industry Resource

Matthew Luebtow



The source of the idea arises from the observed action and linear movement of the line and rod of the fly fisherman Tom Hudnut, It is to honor his 25 year service as CEO and Headmaster of the Harvard/Westlake School. The size is 10'ht. x 12'w. x 4'd. and is made of kiln formed slumped and etched glass, black granite, polished stainless steel and light


Integration with the correct campus location was extremely important. The selected location is one with the most pedestrian traffic by students, visitors and guests and already had some necessary landscaping and land contours which helped to frame, visually isolate, and make the sculpture standout. The lighting enables the piece to "sing" in the evenings.


I was the Artist, Designer, Fabricator and Installer. The collaboration came first with a model and concept presentation and then with campus location examination between the client, a committee and the Artist. Matthew Luebtow of 4MAT AV INC was the lighting and installation consultant.

Additional Information

My work is about line, form, space, light, movement. Line expressing movement and rhythm of energy, and through its extension, form. Optical depths causing interplay and interaction, causing depth within depth, space within space, visual space with physical space, the illusion of space. Light entering in, passing through, returning a multiplicity and alteration of image and itself. This is most visually evident on the larger Architectural scale such as this..All of these elements are to be experienced in this piece.