"Pavo Cristatus" - CODAworx

"Pavo Cristatus"

Submitted by Nina Borgia-Aberle

Client: City of Tucson, Reid Park Zoo

Location: Tucson, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $24,000

Project Team


Nina Borgia-Aberle

Public Art Agent

City of Tucson


8'x8' cast concrete wall with tile inset. Cast bronze peacock body and head. Custom ceramic tile


The committee asked us to design a piece of art that would serve as a focal point within the remodeled entryway plaza to Reid Park Zoo. They also asked for a piece that would act as a photo opportunity. I have been told, on weekends, more than 150 people a day take photos in front of or on the peacock. Children wait in line to sit upon the peacock's back.


We worked with the design team primarily to find the appropriate site for the piece and to get buy in with using the pea fowl as our icon. Initially the Zoological Society was not sure because the pea fowl is a volunteer at the Zoo however once they accepted the idea they ended up using it as the icon for their next fundraising campaign. Their tag line was "be a fan of the zoo".

Additional Information

Hundreds of people I have met in Tucson, in other cities, on planes tell me they have a picture of their child, family, friends, etc on the peacock.