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"Flacon" micro-office at Flacon Design Factory

Submitted by Nefa Architects

Client: Flacon Design Factory

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Nefa Architects

Nefa Architects


Flacon Design Factory

Flacon Design Factory


Our architectural studio received a commission from Flacon Design Factory to design a micro-office.
The task was difficult, almost impossible – to consrtuct the 2nd and the 3d levels on a narrow small area (12 sq. m) and to adapt the social function.


The building site is a small breach in the fence around the territory. It ends in a rusty corten volume of a gatehouse on the one side and flanks a stalin-style 5 storey administration house with the eaves on the other side.
We decided to make two microvolumes instead of one and to connect the rusty cube and the Stalin-style façade by some structure made in different style.


Finally we created two small houses (lodges) with pitched roofs, reminding the housing of Amsterdam with its dense conglomeration of buildings.

Additional Information

Credits: Chief Architect: Dmitry Ovcharov Architects: Elena Mertsalova, Victor Kolupaev Vizualisation: Dmitry Tridenov