"Drake" Service Dog Memorial - CODAworx

"Drake" Service Dog Memorial

Submitted by Bronze Icons LLC

Client: Simmons Veterinary Clinic

Location: Greenacres, Fl, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Jocelyn Russell

Dr. Ken Simmons


Dr. Ken Simmons

Simmons Veterinary Clinic


The Drake Memorial incorporates a life-sized, bronze statue of Drake (a service dog killed in the line of duty) which sits atop a 20 foot granite base with the American flag and an eternal flame. The memorial honors K9 Officers who died, whether in the line of duty, of natural causes while actively employed, or in retirement, by etching their names on plaques mounted on the base of the monument.


This memorial had to be integrated into an existing dog park at Simmons Veterinary Hospital in Greenacres Florida. We had to be able to expand the memorial wall for future K-9 officers, differentiate between those that died in the line of duty and those that died of natural causes, protect the monument and still keep the integrity of an active dog park at a vet clinic.


This project was a collaboration between Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, Florida Highway Patrol, and other tri-county police agencies and Dr. Ken Simmons the Veterinarian that worked endlessly for a week in an attempt to save K-9 Drake. Funding came from donations from around the world through a kickstarter campaign and from the tri-county police agencies. What started as a veterinarian's compassion for his patient evolved into a much larger mission. The Drake Memorial project will ensure that our working dogs receive recognition at their "End of Watch" and is the start of a campaign to lobby for legislation that will create a K-9 Bill of Rights.

Additional Information

K-9 Bill of Rights Change the classification of our working police dog from "equipment" to K-9 Officers. Provide Medical Benefits for retired K-9 Officers to include veterinary care, food and other items for their well-being for the remainder of the dog's life. K9 Officers will receive the benefits of safety equipment while on the job including bullet proof vests, paw protectors and other equipment to help them in their daily job functions. Provide cremation and memorial services for all K-9 Officers.