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Christ Ascending

Submitted by Donna Dobberfuhl

Client: St. Mark's Catholic Church

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2000

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Donna Dobberfuhl

Sculptural Designs

Industry Resource

John Butcher

Endicott Brick and Tile


Greg Davis

Abell Crozier Davis Architects


The brick units used were 12 inches deep (normal unit 4 inches tall) The design brings the stations of the cross to the final conclusion–the ascending Christ—The space was diagrammed and the center placement was found. the diagramming revealed one intersection more than the stations, that intersection is the wrist of the raised hand, all other intersections were indicated with mosaic tile in color. Rays, and arcs were also indicated with mosaic.


The goal was to place the design in a centered location in an asymmetrical space. To represent the final conclusion, the ascending Christ. Blending abstraction with naturalism complimented and supported the contemporary design of the architecture. The integration of the design was second only to the design of the building. The design stands as the final signature of the goals of the congregation to spread the message of the Risen Christ.


Collaboration was with the architect, the priest and the congregation. Worked with the architectural firm using the blueprints (elevation). Several meetings, discussions about how to integrate the future design concept. As I was working with the blueprints and set about to diagram the space, the intersections revealed themselves. I took note of them and was astounded to discover the exact number of intersections reflected the number of the "Stations" plus the additional intersection that represents the ascending Christ figure. The architect was also surprised including the Priest. I offered the congregation 3 designs and they selected the face of the Christ.

Additional Information

Every aspect of this project went smoothly. The masonry contractor that installed the piece was exceptional. I supervise the install on all of my brick installations and on this one the mason's level of skill didn't require my presence through the completion. The mason executed the cut out work necessary for the mosaic patterns to be installed. He followed my directional marking on the brick surface to the letter.