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"Books on a Library Floor"

Submitted by Suzi K. Edwards

Client: Palm Beach County Art in Public Places

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Suzi K. Edwards

Public Art Agent

Elayna Toby Singer

Palm Beach County Art in Public Places


John Callahan

Palm Beach County Libraries


This project was won as a Public Art Award from Palm Beach County. The inspiration was the “Unswept Floor Mosaics” popular in Italy during the first centuries AD. I visualized what books would look like that were lying on a library floor. The open book of quotes from famous authors is constructed of small but legible porcelain letter that I made and fired in my kiln.


The project was designed for the under-renovation library. I used images that would coordinate with the interior designers color scheme, and be interesting to all library members from adults to children. I was careful not to use materials with copyrights.


I worked closely with the Palm Beach County Public Art Coordinator, and Library Executives to create a work that would please all involved.