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Quill Bar

Submitted by UltraGlas Inc.

Client: Jefferson Bar

Location: Washington D.C., DC, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Vincent Garma

UltraGlas Inc.


Dale Cheney

UltraGlas Inc.


Stephen Perkins

Forrest Perkins / 3 North


Paul Hodges


Art Consultant

Steve Pendlebury

ForrestPerkins / Shop12design

Art Consultant

Lon LeMahn

UltraGlas Inc.


The approx. 22’ X 8’ U-shaped, permanently colored and sleekly sculpted Quill Bar includes multiple sensuous compound radius bends and is textured and back-lit to resemble a glowing copper jewel. The bar is part of the two-year renovation of the iconic Jefferson Hotel, Washington D.C. Patrons are treated to a breathtaking surprise upon entering this very traditional space and ad discovering this unusual functional sculpture.


The property owner had her heart set on an all-glass bar and after searching the world for the right collaborative glass artists, the architectural design firm, Forrest Perkins, selected UltraGlas to create this innovative solution. The Quill Bar's focal point is the softly molded and back-lit ¾” thick glass bar itself. Shaped components, requiring multiple-radius bends were extremely rare, or non-existent, on such a scale. In order to assure structural and design conformity, to verify the precise fit of all 28 major surface components and to demonstrate results to the design and construction team, UltraGlas constructed a full-scale replica of the bar’s planned structure. An actual bar (that would measure 22 feet in overall length) built at the UltraGlas facility would serve as a combined proving ground and working prototype. When infused with permanent color, , and back-lit with Light Tape’s continuous lighting sheet, its jewel-like glow would provide a signature look for the bar. All three companies collaborated to assure the correct hue, intensity and consistency to create this piece of functional art.


Architect/Designer ForrestPerkins and their client envisioned an unique, glowing glass bar — unlike anything that they had seen before. In fact, they weren’t even sure that their vision could be actualized. UltraGlas CEO, Jane Skeeter knew immediately that the vision described to her would require expanding the envelope of proven technology — exactly the kind of precise, innovative challenge that her firm thrives in engaging. According to Stephen Perkins, “... when we looked for a company to manufacture the design, there was one company with the best reputation for innovation, performance and integrity: UltraGlas.” With the companies on opposite coasts, trips to and from the east and west were flown by all parties involved and continued throughout the project to ensure that the visions were precisely realized.

Additional Information

A standard UltraGlas ‘Linen’ texture was selected by the design team for the underneath, #2 surface of the glass to offer a depth of interest and providing a sensuously smooth exposed surface on the top. When the color-infused glass is also back-lit with the Light Tape colored product, its jewel-like glow provides a signature and iconic look for the bar.