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Public Art in Chicago

Submitted by Jean Jacques Porret

Client: AMA Building

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Jean Jacques Porret

Jean Jacques Porret


AMA Building

AMA Building

Industry Resource

Jyoti Srivastava


This bronze sculpture exhibition was part of a Public Art project in Chicago at the AMA Building at 515 North State Street.


Achieving a sense of "rightness", even in the most uncertain circumstances, is the motivating concept behind my sculpture. The work is figurative but is not about the figure. I consider myself an expressionist, as I am more interested in communicating an abstract feeling or idea than an actual image. I use recognizable forms to evoke emotions and stimulate sensations.


A Swiss friend of the artist managed both the Willis and AMA buildings. There was a show in the lobby of the Willis tower in 2011 and upon closing the Willis tower show, it moved to the AMA building. The AMA building lobby is much nicer and more intimate.
For the photography, the artist hired Jyoti Srivastava. She has a blog on Chicago sculptures, and did photos of the Willis Tower exhibition too. A young team of videographers from Michigan created the video.

Additional Information

One piece, Flamboyante, remained outside in front of the building until last September, 2015. A Chicago resident commented: "I just love this artist and venue because I walk by these windows all the time. It is such a pleasure I look forward to."