Psyche - CODAworx

Client: Denver Public Art

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Donald Lipski

Project Manager

John Grant

Public Art Services


For the new Science Building of Denver’s Auraria Campus, which serves 3 colleges, including the Denver campus of the University of Colorado, artist Donald Lipski has created a butterfly of steel and 10,000 resin filled glass test tubes. Hung by a glass curtain wall, the piece catches the light like a stained glass window, as it slowly rotates with breezes from the HVAC.


The goals for this project were to create an eye catching work of art for the lobby of the new Science Building that relates to areas of science learned within. Psyche is inspired by the biological sciences that are taught in this building. The test tubes filled with resin are a nod to the equipment commonly used by scientists, and reference the cells that make up a butterfly's wing


Public Art Services worked with artist Donald Lipski to provide project management services for this project.